Vision and Mission

Aims & Objective

The main objectives of our school conforms to the guidelines laid down by the N.C.E.R.T/ C.B.S.E.

  1. To provide quality education to the children of the locality and nearby villages.
  2. To relate education to life and needs of the community
  3. There are many variations of passages
  4. To develop good healthy habits and to build up basic skills necessary for personal adjustment.
  5. The children are encouraged to be self-reliant.
  6. To instill such virtues in the children as a sense of civic responsibility, social & moral obligation, patriotism, tolerance co-operation, dignity of labour.
  7. To develop desirable social attitudes and manners.
  8. To develop in the child the ability to express his/her thoughts and feelings in fluent, a correct and clear speech.
  9. To encourage aesthetic appreciation in the child. The school makes an all-round effort to give the best to the community and nation. Besides great care has been taken to choose modern teaching aids and nursery equipment’s for the pre-primary classes. The teachers are fully conversant with the modern audio-video system and other electronic equipment’s used in the classes.
  10. To help the learners improve their achievement in scholastic areas and develop life skills and attitudes with reference to the larger context and canvas of the life.